Barak's Virtual Poster Gallery

We very much enjoy the poster medium at professional meetings. Poster presentations duplicate the challenge to Hillel of telling the essence of an issue while standing on one foot. Wandering through a poster session, we can pick and choose much better than we can from the scheduled oral presentations and, should a presentation be tedious,verbose or poorly delivered, we can simply move along without commitment or embarassment. Furthermore, standing in front of our own posters, we can talk to scores of visitors during a poster session and be assured that we have walk-by "readership". When the session ends and the lights go down, these posters are sometimes posted in the hallways of our home institution and sometimes trotted out for informational meetings but, by and large, their time in the sun is over...until now.

Instructional Technology:

Soil "Aging" and Soil Quality:

Phosphorus in Soils and Nutrient Recovery:


Last modified: 7 Mar 2019.